“Get a room!” (September 21, 2015)

(It’s after robotics, and Rae and I are chatting while walking through campus, but I see a couple kissing.)

Me: *to the couple* “GET A ROOM, YOU TWO!” *to Rae* “If I catch you and Serena doing that, I’m going to give you two the exact same response, ‘kay?”
Rae: “You already have caught us doing it, though.”
Me: “Nah, that was more of you two just doing it right in front of me.” *pause* “Not literally ‘doing it'”.
Rae: “Oh my god, Alex!” *puts hand over face* “I sometimes just… can’t even.”

(I’m very, very glad Serena wasn’t there to hear it, but it made me laugh much harder than it should have. Especially his transition into “can’t even” speak.)


“Why are you bending it?” (September 21, 2015)

(It’s robotics, and Rae has taken apart a random Apple mouse that was sitting around for some reason. There’s a piece of metal in the mouse that’s tensed so that the mouse springs back when you click it, and he’s playing with it. Side note, Rae is bisexual or pansexual, I don’t know which, but he’s not straight, and he’s not open about this.)

Jackson: *to Rae* “Why are you bending the metal?”
Rae: “Well, it’s weird being straight.” *realizes what he said* “It looks weird when it’s straight!”
Me: “I was gonna say something about that!”

(No, I wasn’t trying to out him, he’s just always very outwardly weird about sexuality and that whole shebang.)

“Mark, Mark, MARK!” (September 17, 2015)

(It’s clubtime and I’m at robotics club, and Rae is giddy over the fact that Serena has returned to school; thus, he’s not paying much attention to the work. Mark, on the other hand, is pretty focused on getting something done, and picks up a piece of wood to use for something or other – I think a target – so he spray-paints it.)

Mark: “Damn it, the paint’s not drying fast enough.” *looks up at Rae* “Rae! Where’s the heat gun?”
Me: “Mark, that’s a piece of wood!”

(Mark doesn’t listen to me, since I’m only a sophomore and he’s a senior, so he grabs the heat gun and starts attempting to dry the paint on the wood. Omitting some parts of the story, he winds up with the heat gun next to the piece of wood, which bursts into flames.)

Me: *springing back* “MARK! What the hell are you doing?!”
Mark: *innocently* “What? It’s not that bad! The wood’s too small to sustain the fire, anyway.”

(He was right, but still. Omitting more parts of the story, he picks up the can of spray paint and starts aiming the heat gun towards the spray.)

Me: “Mark, Mark, MARK!” *turning to Rae* “Please tell me you’re getting this on video.”
Rae: *looking up from his phone distractedly* “I probably should be.”

(Yes, we had a literal line of fire for a few seconds. And Mark set a leaf on fire. I somehow wonder how he got voted to be safety captain last year, because he’s really bad at actually being, you know, safe.)

“Do you have an Instagram?!” (August 27, 2015)

(I took a new approach to school and have begun dressing in a much more “girly” manner; therefore, I’m “Alex the girl” this year. It’s the second day of school and some of the guys I sit next to in Bio are crowding around their seats in History. One of them spots me and yells out to me, the boy in question being the rather obnoxious asshole type.)

Boy: “HEY ALEX! Do you have an Instagram?! If you do, wanna follow me?”
Me: “No, I DON’T want to follow you!”
Boy: “Why NOT?”
Me: “Because you’re a DICK!”

(The entire class whirled back and made the “oh snap” noise, and the boy sitting in front of me bursts out laughing before reaching back to shake my hand; even Rae shot me an impressed look. I have no idea how the teacher didn’t yell at me, but I’m already gaining quite an interesting reputation as the snarky – but friendly – smartass.)

Prepping for 10th!

Hey everyone!

As you can tell from my countdown, I start my sophomore year of high school in 2 days, so I’m going to give a brief explanation of what you can definitely expect this year.

Class groups don’t change: I’m in a special program that’s specific to my school. It has a focus on tech and digital arts, and it requires that the students apply in freshmen year. If the student is accepted (which I was), they get put into a small group of students that all stay in the same classes for the remaining three years of high school. (We still get a choice in our elective course and a separate math class, so we don’t all drive each other crazy.)
“Sophomore pride”: Basically just us sophomores bragging about how we’re not freshmen anymore and complaining about how annoying the freshmen are.
Clubs: Yeah, there’ll definitely be different clubs. I’m not going to be as involved in robotics as I was last year, due to complications with Rae and Serena. I’m not dropping it, but it’s not going to be my only club.
Different friends: My closest friends, currently, are at a private school, not my own. So everything’s gonna be a little bit different when they come into the picture. As for friends at my school, Rae and Serena pretty much got together and split from me in a really harsh manner, so I’m not reconnecting with them willingly. (The two of them are in the school program, though… I’m going to have to spend almost all day with them. Save me.)

That’s some of the things that I know you can expect for this year. See you all around on the 10th-grade side!

“It’s… too… big…” (April 15, 2015)

(Again, Rae and I are on the phone. We’re discussing events as of late, since right now I’m being schooled in a special school for reasons I will not disclose, and therefore we aren’t at the same school. A friend of mine at this school is named Liam.)

Me: “Hey, Rae, you remember that time where I had a panic attack at [a competition for our robotics team]?”
Rae: “Yeah, what about it?”
Me: “Well, I told Liam about how I started trying to steal your shoe after the panic attack was over, and how you asked what I was even going to do with it and I said ‘throw it at you’, and Liam said I should have said I would use it as a dildo.”
Rae: *hysterical laughter*
Me: “Yeah, I was just like, ‘His… shoe’s… too… big…'”
Rae: “Yeah, and also very smelly. You have interesting friends over at [my school].”
Me: “Agreed.”

“What are you talking to me through?!” (April 15, 2015)

(Rae and I are talking on the phone, him through his cell and me from my house line. I’ve expressed that there’s something I’m stressing about, but I’m not sure if I want to share it with him. Note – a few weeks before this occurred, he and I were at my house and when I asked him if he wanted to say something, he yelled, “BANANAS!”)

Me: “I… I’m sorry, I’m not sure if I should tell you.”
Rae: “If you can’t tell me through the phone, just text it to me or something. We’ll try to fix it, okay?”
Me: “Okay, but consider this, I don’t have a phone!”
Rae: “What are you talking to me through, a banana?!”
Me: *laughing* “I meant I don’t have my cell! What is it with you and bananas lately?”
Rae: “I don’t know, maybe I am one!”

“It’d be really awkward…” (February 23rd, 2015)

(It’s after school at robotics, and due to a rapid change in plans, people are getting ready to go to Garrett’s house. I text my mom asking her if I can go, but I get no answer, and begin panicking because people are getting ready to leave, and I need a response soon. [I wound up not going because she never saw my text, argh.] I’m starting to panic and hyperventilate, and Serena and Rae both notice.)

Me: *kicking the fence in frustration and anxiety* “Come on! Respond!”
Serena: “Alex! It’s okay.” *pulls me into a hug, and kisses me when Rae isn’t looking* “Calm down.”
Me: “Ugh!” *incoherent whining noises*
Rae: *reaches over and gently touches my hand, and I slip my hand into his*
Serena: “… You know, it would be really awkward if you two just started like, kissing over my shoulder or something.”
Rae and I: *awkward silence, then burst out laughing*
Serena: *giggling* “De-stressed!”

(It was mostly just awkward, since Rae doesn’t like me more than as a friend, but still, it was kind of funny.)

“What are you doing?!” (Feb. 19, 2015)

(Sorry for keeping you all waiting – I had so much other stuff to attend to and high school is really draining! Anyway, I’m in the robotics club at my school, so we tend to accumulate a lot of random crap – in this case, a screen to something or other. Serena and I are chatting when Rae picks it up and puts it in front of his face, trying to get Serena’s attention, and as a joke, I pretend to smack it into him.)

Rae: “What the hell, Alex? This is glass and liquid crystal! Is it really the best idea to break it right in my face?”
Me: “I wasn’t intending on hitting it! I meant it more of as a joke.”
Rae: *gets a look on his face, then sets the screen on the table and takes a hammer, poising it over the screen*
Me: *grabbing the hammer from him* “Don’t you dare!
Rae: “Fine!” *waits till I step away, then grabs an aluminum file and smashes it through the screen*
Me, Mark and Serena: “What are you doing?!
Rae: “What? Is there a problem?”
Me: *shaking my head* “Oh my god, Rae.”

Changing up the blog

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything. I’ve been suffering from a lack of friends, to put it gently. School-kids are not the nicest people around.

As a result, I’m changing my blog up a bit. It will still contain the antics with friends, but with snippets here and there of my writing pieces (I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year) and art in general. I’m not going to be posting my feelings or anything on here – this isn’t a diary, my Tumblr serves more of that purpose, and no, you guys can’t have the link.

Either way, see you all later!